Committed To Protecting Your Parental Rights

There may be no other aspect of a divorce that has the potential to be more contentious than child custody. In every case, the best interests of the children are the primary concern. Each parent has a right to a meaningful relationship with them, however, and Georgia courts generally support some type of shared parenting arrangement.

Disputes between parents are common in these matters, and the assistance of a reliable attorney can be invaluable. At Garner and Still, we have helped countless clients resolve a wide variety of complex child custody and visitation issues, including child relocation and other matters. From our office in Lawrenceville, we represent clients throughout Gwinnett County and the surrounding area.

Developing Parenting Plans That Everyone Can Support

We understand the tensions that can arise between parents in the process of determining a parenting plan. We believe that it is in everyone's best interests — both the children's and the parents' — for the parents to reach an agreement on all issues associated with custody and visitation, including which parent will have primary custody, the children's primary place of residence, visitation schedules, holiday schedules and all other relevant considerations.

If the parents are not able to reach agreement on all these issues, the court will decide for them. By setting aside the differences in their marriage and focusing on the children's best interests, both parents can have an equal say in what their parent-child relationships will look like after the divorce has been finalized. We have been successful in helping couples overcome even the most contentious disputes and securing agreements that everyone can support.

Discuss Your Child Custody Concerns With A Dedicated Lawyer

It is important that the impact on children's lives over differences between their parents is minimized as much as possible in custody proceedings. We will help you reach an agreement that supports your relationship with your children without putting them in the middle of a dispute. Call 678-987-8312 or contact us via email to schedule a limited free initial consultation.