Strong Defense Against All Types Of Drug-Related Charges

A conviction for any type of drug crime in Georgia can have a devastating impact on your future. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, you could suffer severe penalties, including the loss of your Driver's License, and a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life. It is essential that you have the best defense representation available.

At Garner and Still, we offer our clients more than 50 years of combined experience in a broad range of drug-related offenses. From our office in Lawrenceville, we represent clients throughout Gwinnett County and the surrounding area. We work closely with you to fully understand the circumstances of your case so we can present the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Taking A Strategic Approach To Your Drug Crime Defense

Georgia law is clear with regard to the rights of citizens who are suspected of a drug crime and the steps that law enforcement officials can take in the process of their investigations. In many cases, a successful defense can be presented based on challenges to the initial stop and detention of an individual as well as the subsequent search of the person or their surroundings. There are strict procedures that must be followed in these types of cases, including how searches are initiated and conducted and we have successfully challenged these cases by identifying flaws in the procedures used, flaws in the warrant and other issues. We pursue every available option in our fight against the charges facing you.

Our attorneys have experience defending clients against all types of drug-related crimes, including:

  • Possession of an illegal substance, including marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs, including Vicodin, oxycodone, Percocet, Valium and other controlled substances
  • Prescription drugs not in container
  • Drug manufacturing, trafficking, sale or distribution
  • Asset forfeiture associated with a drug arrest, including the seizure of cash, vehicles and other assets

Call For A Limited Free Consultation About Your Drug Offense Case

Contact us immediately if you have been arrested for a drug offense or you know that you are being investigated for one. You can discuss your case with a lawyer at a no-obligation initial consultation where we will answer your questions and explain your legal options. You can reach us by phone at 678-987-8312 or via email to schedule an appointment.